Commons vote on military involvement in Iraq

On the recent Parliamentary debate to approved limited air strikes by UK armed forces against ISIL in Iraq, Sadiq Khan MP said: 

“There is no heavier responsibility on any Member of Parliament than to decide whether to commit UK armed forces into combat. 

“ISIL are fanatics; they are not Muslims. They have hijacked and dishonoured the name of the faith I share, and like the majority of Muslims around the world, I reject them utterly. 

“I understand that there is deep unease among many in our country about the UK committing military force once again to the Middle East. I was personally very critical of military action in Iraq in 2003, and voted against military involvement in Syria last year. On both of these occasions I have been very clear – the UK Parliament does not take military intervention lightly, and when it comes to such crucial decisions, we should also take account of public opinion. 

“The Commons motion on Friday did NOT propose British involvement in air strikes against ISIL in Syria and Ed Miliband has been very clear that this would require a further motion in the House of Commons and has urged that a Resolution on this should be brought before the UN Security Council. 

“On this occasion, ultimately, a sovereign state has asked for our help, and we had a responsibility to answer that call.”

Promoted by DJ Bellamy on behalf of Sadiq Khan and Tooting Labour Party, all at 273 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BD.
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