Sadiq for Mayor - how do I vote?

The London Labour Party is currently deciding who its candidate will be in next year's election for Mayor of London. To do this, we are holding a Primary so all Londoners can have their say.

To be eligible to vote, you need to be signed up as a Labour Party Supporter or member.

Choose one of the options here to sign up and have your say.

Answers to some questions...

Why are London Labour conducting a Primary?

Following the decision of the special conference in 2014, the party has decided to open its selection process for Mayor of London to all Londoners. For the first time, all 5.5 million people in London who are eligible to vote are able to have a voice in picking our candidate.

Who can vote?

Anyone who is on the electoral register and lives in the greater London area is eligible to vote in the Primary. An individual must also support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and not be a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.

Are there different capacities people can vote in?

Yes, there are three ways people can have a vote in the Primary. These are as:

  • an Affiliated Supporter – a member of an organisation affiliated to the Labour Party such as an affiliated trade union;
  • a Registered Supporter – a member of the public who supports the party but does not want to become a full member;
  • a Labour Party Member.

When can I register until?

People wishing to become a Registered Supporter have until 12 June 2015 to register.

People wishing to become either a Labour Party member or Affiliated Supporter can do so up until 19 June.

When will I be able to vote?

The ballot will open in early July, and close on Wednesday 29 July, with the result announced a few days later when all the votes have been counted and verified.



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