The Government needs to stop punishing junior doctors for their own mismanagement

I appreciate how strongly junior doctors feel about this issue and that there is also real concern among many people in London and across the country with the way the Government have handled this. 

The Government's current approach is completely the wrong way forward and I believe that they should work with the BMA and junior doctors to find a fair agreement that avoids the threat of industrial action.

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Stop delaying on 20mph

Sadiq Khan MP has called on Wandsworth councillors to drop the drawn out process of introducing 20mph speed limits a street at a time and roll it out across the borough now. 

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Sadiq's summer planner!

Every year Sadiq puts together a summer planner for local families full of fun things to do across Wandsworth, and London. Here is the 2015 planner.

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Worrying news for St George's Hospital

Yesterday Monitor, the NHS regulator, revealed that St George’s Hospital is running a £46million deficit for the next year – the third highest of any trust in the country.  This is worrying news for for the people of Tooting who rely on St George’s and for the future of the hospital. You can read more about Monitor’s findings here.

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