No early evening closures on Northern Line

Tooting residents will be delighted at the news that planned early evening closures on the Northern Line will no longer be going ahead.

The programme to upgrade the Northern Line initially included early-evening closures on weekdays.  Sadiq lobbied the Mayor and Transport for London to do everything within their power to reduce these and minimise the disruption for residents as much as possible.

Work is under-way on improving the  Northern Line.  Sadiq has been working hard to minimise the impact of  the closures on local residents.

  • Our tube network is over 100 years old.   Its founders couldn't have imagined how busy it would get.  In rush hour the over-crowding is simply unacceptable, but the system can't cope  with any more trains.
  • Labour has funded a major modernisation  programme for the Northern Line which will make it possible to run 20%  more trains in rush-hour and cut journey times.
  • These improvements are desperately needed and can only be done when no trains are running.  A lot of the work is  being done overnight, but some jobs are so big that there isn't time to  do it in the few hours each night when no trains run.  That's why  weekend closures are planned. 
  • Sadiq has met London Underground bosses  to ensure they understand the impact line closures will have on local  residents, and that it's essential we have alternatives such as  high-frequency replacement bus services.
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