Ravenstone School eco fashion show

Sadiq Khan MP joined Ravenstone School pupils to celebrate the school’s eco week, which has focused on the environment, planet and climate change, teaching pupils to think about the resources we use, and to recycle, re-use and reduce.

Students brought in junk mail and other leaflets (including some of Sadiq’s election leaflets!), pulped them and made paper – they then used the paper to write letters to Sadiq about what the government should do to help the environment.

In addition pupils learned how they could put pressure on their parents to do their bit – simple things, like turning the tap off when brushing teeth or turning the TV off, and not just leaving it on stand-by.

The week ended with an ’eco fashion show’ – where all the clothes were made from recycled materials.

Sadiq Khan MP said, “The Eco fashion show was a great way to finish off what’s been a really informative week for the children at Ravenstone School.

“It’s clear from speaking to them that they’ve learnt a great deal about saving the environment, and in a fun and innovative way.

“I’ll be reading all the letters sent to me by the children and make sure their views are heard by the government.

“The message is clear: we can all play our part in saving our environment no matter our age!”

Promoted by DJ Bellamy on behalf of Sadiq Khan and Tooting Labour Party, all at 273 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BD.
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