Reduce workload, improve education - Sadiq backs teachers

Shocking findings from a recent survey of 40,000 teachers conducted by NUT (National Union of Teachers) found that in the last two years, nine of out ten teachers had considered giving up teaching as a direct result of the sheer extent of their workload. 96% of teachers said that their excessive workload had an impact on their personal and family lives.

Parents are all too aware that should this continue, instead of having fun and informative lessons, their children will be educated by an exhausted workforce, having a serious impact on the quality and standard of education for future generations. Sharing these concerns, Sadiq has welcomed the National Union of Teachers’ (NUT) eight-step guide to reducing excessive teacher workload. 

You can see the eight steps here. 

Sadiq Khan MP said: 

As the local MP, and a parent, I know the work teachers undertake in our schools is invaluable. High standards of teaching make a huge difference to the lives of young people, and to the future for all of us. 

“But under the relentless churn of initiatives the current Government have imposed, it is sad but not unsuprising to hear that 40% of new teacher trainees leave the profession within the first five years of teaching. This has a lot to do with the increase in workload for the average primary/secondary school teacher and the NUT survey clearly demonstrates this. 

"It is clear that something has got to be done about the excessive teacher workload and the ‘Eight Steps’ set out by NUT are a much needed and welcomed solution. If nothing is done, it will no doubt have a negative effect on the standards of education in our country and could seriously affect generations to come. Reduce workload, improve education – that is the way forward.”



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