Sadiq campaigns to call for end of violence in Gaza

Following the violence which erupted in the region last week, Sadiq is now lobbying the Government to work closely with all parties in the region to help bring this violence to an end.

The scale of human suffering in the region is immense and cannot be tolerated. In the first five days of the conflict three Israeli civilians have been killed, while more than thirty times that number of Palestinians have now been killed during the same period, nearly half of them civilians and many more of them children.
Sadiq, who is the Shadow Justice Secretary, ensured the Labour Party called for a full scale UN diplomatic initiative to end the violence.

Sadiq Khan MP said ;

"I welcome the fact that the UN Secretary General has now visited the region. Sustained international engagement is vital to helping to bring this conflict to an end.

“I am pleased and proud that the Labour Party supports the Palestinian's bid for enhanced status at the United Nations at this month's UN General Assembly meeting. I urge the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government to do the same."

"Many constituents have contacted me to outline their concern over the violence in Gaza."

"I have already written to William Hague, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, making clear the urgent need to find a diplomatic solution to the violence. "

"I am extremely saddened by the violence and loss of life we have seen in Gaza over the last week and hope that we can swiftly work towards peaceful negotiations.

“The recent eruption of violence reflects the decades of diplomatic failure in the region. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government needs to acknowledge that right now there is no peace process, there is only violence. We need the fighting to stop and the talking to start with the hope of reaching a negotiated two-state solution to bring the security and peace that the people of the region deserve. The British Government needs to uphold their responsibility, with others, to help achieve piece in the region."

"We also need to ensure there is no ground invasion from Israel which could lead to a repeat of 4 years ago when thousands of lives were lost."
“An essential part of this process is that Palestine must be given enhanced status in the UN at the next General Assembly meeting. The UK Government is wrong to say this would paralyse the process. Only by giving enhanced status can we begin to build a bridge between the parties.

“Israel needs to recognise that their long term security depends on their willingness to take part in peaceful negotiation and Palestinians must reject the use of violence if we are to restore hope of a viable Palestinian state and a secure Israel”.

“It is important that a diplomatic solution is sought immediately to stop further bloodshed on both sides. We need not just a restraint of violence but a total cessation of action”.

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“Both sides, regional players and the international community - including the UK Government - share a profound moral duty to do everything possible to prevent such a catastrophic development. Every effort must be made through the United Nations, the Quartet, The Arab League and the wider international community to reverse decisively the unfolding dynamic of events. Time is now very short to avert another catastrophe.”

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