Sadiq criticises Council’s proposals to staff only 50% of sites requiring school crossing patrollers


Last year Wandsworth Council made the decision to withdraw funding for School Crossing Patrollers. Sadiq lead a long campaign against these cuts, along with local residents, parents and schools. The Council will be asking local schools to absorb the cost of the lollipop patrollers into their own budgets. They have also arranged a small sponsorship deal with Talk Talk.

As part of his campaign against these cuts Sadiq wrote to Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, to get to the bottom of the effects these cuts will have. He has now received a response, which revealed out of 36 designated School Crossing Patrol sites in Wandsworth, only 19 will be staffed once the Council withdraws funding – (only 50%!)

The Council’s response also revealed that Talk Talk will only be part - sponsoring 5 sites.

Responding to Sadiq’s question about the possibility of securing funding from other national companies, the Council Leader suggested that schools may wish to consider arranging their own sponsorship agreements.

Sadiq is outraged by this response and continues to challenge the Council’s decision to withdraw funding for local lollipop patrollers and the consequences this will have for child safety as they travel to and from school.


Sadiq Khan MP said:
“This response from the Council Leader shows that once Council funding has been withdrawn there is no doubt that child safety will be put at risk. 

“It is outrageous that the Council is displaying such a complete disregard for road safety, despite identifying the need for road safety measures. If the Council cannot be sure that the 36 sites can be staffed then they should not be withdrawing funding.

“I was shocked to hear the Council suggest that schools arrange their own sponsorship, surely the role of the school is to educate our children, not to spend their time trying to arrange sponsorship deals!”

“This is a lose- lose policy which I urge the Council to abandon.”

You can read a copy of the Council Leader’s response below.


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