Sadiq's enews 20th March 2015

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We’ve had another good news story this week, as Wandsworth Council have agreed to erect a commemorative plaque outside Smallwood Primary School, to remember 34 people who lost their lives during the Second World War when a V2 bomb was dropped on Hazelhurst Road. I have been working with local councillors, Rev Roger Ryan from St Mary’s Summerstown, and Geoff Simmons from the Summerstown 182 project to lobby the council to fund a plaque, and I am delighted to report we’ve been given the green light! See more here

A budget for the few 

I sat in the House of Commons Chamber on Wednesday, listening to George Osborne’s budget with dismay. We continue to be told how as a country we’ve never had it so good – yet after five years of this government, that’s not how it seems to me – how about you? Here in Wandsworth we have seen our first food bank open, and then several more since. Wages have been frozen, and the cost of living has gone through the roof. 

But none of this was mentioned in Mr Osborne’s budget. Neither was the NHS. St George’s A&E is in crisis, and our hospital is in desperate need of more nurses and doctors. But nothing was said about addressing the crisis in our NHS. I’m worried about what another five years of George Osborne and his party would mean for our community. This week’s budget was a budget for the few, not the many friends and neighbours in the Tooting that I know and love.

Parliament is coming to a close 

You may already know that as of next Friday Parliament will come to a close in advance of the General Election on May 7th. That means there will be no MPs until the next government is formed. Even though Parliament is dissolved, I’ll still be working hard for our community, and will be out and about speaking to residents on the doorstep every day over the next five weeks – I look forward to catching up with you! 

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