Shadow London Minister Sadiq Khan comments on TfL’s announcement that commuter fares will be frozen at inflation for 2014:

"This is a big victory for hard pressed Londoners facing a cost of living crisis. Thousands of Londoners have campaigned with Labour against Boris Johnson's great Tory train robbery over the past year. By organising against the Mayor’s fares hikes in communities across London we have forced the increasingly right wing Boris Johnson to take action. 

"It's a just shame he has ignored Londoners on fares over the last 6 years. Despite today's reprieve, a zone 1-6 travel card is still £440 a year more expensive than when Boris Johnson became Mayor and a single bus journey has gone up 56%. Fares will still rise by more than 3% this year when wages are going up by only 0.8%.

"But London's campaign against the Mayor's transport policies is far from over. The Mayor needs to also do a u-turn on his plans to give Londoners a worse underground service by slashing the number of staffed stations across the city - making them less safe, reducing access for disabled users and giving commuters nowhere to turn when their oyster card is lost, stolen or broken." 



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