This is your Parliament’ Tooting MP reminds local residents

Local MP and life long Tooting resident Sadiq Khan has begun a campaign to remind local residents that they all have the right to visit Parliament, including visiting the debating chamber and Big Ben.

In addition to arranging tours he also is encouraging local residents to apply for tickets for Departmental Questions (including Health, Treasury, Defence, or Foreign Office). He is also given four PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) tickets every year to give to his constituents.

Prime Minister’s Question Time, often referred to as PMQ’s, takes place every Wednesday at 12pm, when the House is sitting, and gives MPs the chance to question the Prime Minister.

With limited tickets available, Sadiq invited readers of his weekly enewsletter to put their name into a draw. The lucky constituent was Nadia Ward, a Tooting resident for more than 40 years.

This week Nadia Ward visited Parliament with her friend Vanessa Law, another Tooting resident, to have a tour of Parliament, watch PMQs from the balcony and enjoy ‘tea on the terrace’ with Sadiq.

Tooting constituents who wish to visit parliament should sign up to Sadiq’s e news by emailing or call 020 7219 6967.

Sadiq Khan MP said,

“I want people to know that this is their Parliament and they can always come and visit. I have been organising tours and visits for local residents including schools over the last 8 years. Many of the most important decisions affecting our daily lives are made there, and so I believe it is really important that it is accessible to all members of the general public.

“It was fantastic to have Nadia and Vanessa at Parliament this week. It was interesting to hear their perspective on the debate and the behaviour of some of our MPs! Please sign up to my weekly e news and let me know you would like to visit – remember this is your Parliament”

Nadia Ward, Tooting resident, said

“I enjoyed my trip to Parliament. PMQs was really interesting – the Chamber is much smaller than it looks on TV and I couldn’t believe how noisy all of the politicians were!

“I would encourage all Tooting residents to contact Sadiq and arrange a visit to Parliament – not only would they enjoy it, but it is important to remember that MPs work for us and the decisions made in Parliament affect our local communities and our everyday lives.”

You can view a video of the visit here

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