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Sadiq Khan said Labour would have its “best generation of Labour MPs elected in 2015” as he defended his party’s performance in the capital.

Mr Khan slightly increased his majority in Tooting from 2,524 to 2,832 as he held onto his Tooting constituency for the third time.

But after masterminding his party’s election campaign in London, he watched on as the party missed out on its first key target seat of the night, Battersea.

When interviewed at 1.35am this morning he said it was “too early to tell” if Labour had under performed in the capital but it was “disappointing” to have lost the key battleground of Battersea.

When asked why it could appear his party performed better in London than elsewhere in the country, he told the Standard: “What we have seen in London is a huge amount of support from our supporters, activists and members who have gone door to door in the community.

“The energy has been infectious and we have seen lots of people who didn’t start wanting to vote labour, voting Labour.

“I’m really excited about the job we have to do. I’m looking forward to seeing new MPs elected in London, and looking forward to working with them. I think you will see the best generation of Labour MPs elected in 2015 and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

He added: “Last year in May we secured the best results in a generation in London. The best ever council results and European results.

“That’s been the fruits of hard work over two years, three years. We have become a movement, we have selected the best candidates we have had in a general election. More women, more ethnic minorities, more young candidates and we should see the fruits of that.”

He did not rule himself out of putting himself forwards as a Labour candidate for the London mayoral elections in 2016

He said: “It still gives me goosebumps to be an elected politician elected by the people of Tooting. Even asking me that question (if he could be Labour’s candidate for London Mayor) is completely humbling for me, but my job tonight is to concentrate on this election.”

Full result:

Sadiq Khan (Labour) - 25, 263

Dan Watkins (Conservative) - 22, 421

Phil Ling (Liberal Democrats) - 2,107

Przemek Skwirczynski (Ukip) - 1, 537

Esther Obiri-Darko (Green) - 2,201

Majority: 2,832

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