Tory threat to local schools

Government funded school re-building schemes at Graveney School, Chestnut Grove School and Ernest Bevin College could be scrapped by a Tory government, the Conservative Shadow Schools Minister Nick Gibbs has admitted.

Gibb was speaking at a seminar organised by law firm Winckworth Sherwood to discuss education plans under a Conservative government.

At the event last week the shadow schools minister Nick Gibb was asked by a headteacher whether plannedBSF schemes would go ahead even while a Tory government battled to cut the budget deficit. "If a scheme has got to financial close, that's it, it's going to happen," Gibb answered.

But pushed to make similar guarantees for schemes earlier in the programme, the shadow minister said: "What we're saying is if financial close has been reached, it will go ahead." If not, "then it won't be guaranteed."

Gibb described the school building programme as ‘hugely wasteful’ and suggested that schools could get by with “as little as £1 million” which a headteacher can use to "transform the fabric of his building.”

This contrasts with the £118 million Labour has pledged to rebuild or refurbish all four secondary schools in Tooting.

Projects at Graveney School, Chestnut Grove School and Ernest Bevin College which have yet to reach ‘financial close’ would be under threat of cancellation under a future Conservative government.

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